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All Hail The Queens!

Welcome all to Queens of Success!! We would like to take this time to thank you for coming to our website. We are so excited about our company and the fact that we get to interact, encourage, and grow with you all. What an awesome opportunity we have to cultivate and further progress the community of sisterhood.

Again, Queens of Success (Q.O.S.) is comprised of Celeste Hardrick, Tamida Brockington, Stephanie James, Farha Major, Taliah Harvey, and Qiana Blackmon. We are New Jersey natives (although Tamida now resides in VA) and of course we are 'Jersey Girls' through and through. We are not only business partners, but we are also family. Celeste, Tamida, myself (Stephanie), Farha, and Taliah are first cousins. Qiana is the daughter of Celeste. We are five women in various stages in life: being married, parents, divorced, engaged, care-givers, and single. And after one vision-board weekend, we knew that together we could make something great and live out our life's purpose. We each have our own separate endeavors going on, but collectively we use our specific gifts to bring women together.

Why are we here? Well, our reason was simple. We were tired of living a life that was not fulfilling to us. We were dealing with issues that every woman can relate to: struggles with work, marriage, parenting, singleness, taking care of a relative/parent, and just wanting something of our own. Our purpose is to give women a sense of community that allows them to speak freely, truly engage with one another without competition, and be an encouraging platform and let you know that you are not alone in the circumstances that you go through.

What do we need from you? Oh, yes, we do need something from you. And what we need is your participation. I have come to learn that nothing is going to be handed to you. Whatever it is that you want is something that YOU will have to work at getting. Why is that important? Well, I believe its a lot harder for someone else to take something away that they didn't give to you. The things we work the hardest to achieve are the things we fight the hardest to keep. And whats more important than yourself?

Okay Queens...let's get to it!!

#Queens #sisterhood #welcome #women

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