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House Music All Night Long...

Habakkuk 2:2 Yahweh answered me, "Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he who runs may read it."


Looking back at all the things that needed to be done to put something together that was not only meaningful to us, but 'excellent' for others was no small feat. All of the conference calls, brainstorming, really seeing the vision, making contacts, executing the plan and manifesting it off of very little sleep, was nothing short of extraordinary. When God gives you a vision, no matter how great or small, RUN WITH IT! Remove the fear, step out of the boat and walk on water. If He said it, He'll do it!

House Music All Night Long was a huge success. Just seeing all of the pieces come together from the first post, to the donations and ticket purchases, to the set up, to a room full of people was nothing short of amazing. Our hearts are still so very full! Believing that we could do it was NEVER an issue. But to really see it all manifesting right before our eyes was something to behold. Family, friends, and some we have never met before all together under one roof not only to support, but to enjoy an evening of being catered to...what a night!!

That is the heart of Q.O.S. though; to cater (serve) in our community and abroad. To bring people together and restore the bonds of sisterhood/brotherhood. We believe we did that with our first event. The feedback has been positive, if not amazing. We thank you for the push, for the encouragement, and for the demand for 'more'. We are excited to bring you more!

Again, what an epic night for us. We will coast on this for a minute, or at least until the next one. See you all really really soon.

-Queens of Success-

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