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Sip This and Paint That

Welp, another QOS event is in the books as completed! On Saturday, June 9th we held our first 'Sip This & Paint That' event at our headquarters in Burlington, NJ. We hosted an intimate group of participants and got our artistic juices flowing. As we sipped on Peach Moscato and Sweet Red wine we painted either the 'Anchor' painting or the 'Safari' painting.

I love how a group of people can all come together, working on the same project, and see something different. And guess what? It works. No two paintings are ever the same. And although they may be working on the 'same' photo, each person has managed to put a piece of themselves into their own particular piece of art. That's what its really all about, fellowship and testing the limits of your own ability and creativity.

We look forward to hosting more events of this nature and bringing women together, fostering stronger bonds, and creating an atmosphere where women can enjoy themselves. Take a look at these fantastic women and their art!!

Be sure to check back next week for a recap of our upcoming event, The Sista Strut Breast Cancer Walk that will take place June 16th in Philadelphia, PA.

#sipandpaint #artist #fellowship #queens #women

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