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To Reach, To Rise, To Reign Women's Brunch

Queens of Success

I must say our first event of 2019 was a success!!! We held our 'To Reach, To Rise, To Reign' Women's Brunch last Saturday on March 30th at Pierre's of South Brunswick. Our vision came to fruition and we were able to provide a day fit for a queen.

After the welcome by your's truly, our program began with a wonderful song by Sherrae Thomas and the first facilitator was Tamida Brockington. She spoke on 'Reach'. How we continue to strive for more and begin to take the steps to move (reach) beyond our current circumstances. Tamida's activity called for the participants to create an affirmation board. With the cut-out words placed on the table and a small board placed in each queen's brunch bag, they were able to paste words and also write in words that they could place in an area in their homes so that they can review them daily. As the Word says, "Write the vision and make it plain".

Dancer, Arielle Parrish, blessed the queens with a dance that provoked so much emotion in many of those in the crowd. We were encouraged by her testimony that followed also. What an awesome thing to witness someone moving in their purpose!! Celeste Hardrick followed soon after, facilitating our second activity that dealt with 'Rise'. After coming to the point of reaching for better, we come to a point where we must rise above those barriers and strongholds that hold us in place. Through a handout the queens wrote down current obstacles/problems that are blocking their progress. It also including ways to overcome by asking what steps could be taken in order to move to that next level.

Lastly, Christina Torian blessed the crowd with a spoken word that left no doubt about how fierce we as queens truly are. Farha Major closed our brunch with a powerful word that left no one in their seats! Speaking on 'Reign' she gave each person a brief rundown on some of the queens that came before us and she encouraged the crowd on taking their rightful place on the throne. To take charge of their queendom and walk with their heads held high. Each woman was then asked to rise, place her crown on her head, and be the queen she was made to be!! Yes, queens....REACH, RISE, AND REIGN!!!!

In all it was a great day! To be able to touch the lives of the women in the room and create a safe space where they could share situations and issues is truly what we aspire to do in every program or event that we as Queens of Success put together. We want to be a part of each woman's village and be a stream of encouragement and help them reach their fullest potential in life. Yes, it truly was a great day in a room full of phenomenal women.

QOS would like to thank those who participated in the day once again: Sherrae Thomas, Arielle Parrish, and Christina Torian. Also, for all the vendors who came out and serviced those in attendance and offered products that would help further encourage the queens in the room to look and be their best; T'Rae Mackey, Ashanti Warren, Tina Dent, Attallah Coleman, and Tasha Byron. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We look forward to next years brunch!! And we hope to see YOU there!!!

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