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Sistahs on the road!

Wassup, Queens!! Being that all of us in Queens of Success are actual family we tend to spend quite a bit of time together (we rarely get tired of each other...truly though!). We each have different relationships with one another (Tamida and Farha have that 'Mary/Martha-Mary/Elizabeth' connection, Celeste and Taliah call each other 'besties', Celeste and I call each other 'roadies', and so on...I could really be here all day. But for times sake I'll just move right along. So from the name Celeste and me have for one another you can guess what we like to do the most...TRAVEL! I was the first out of our bunch to travel over to Europe to visit family and check out things across the pond. And on my second trip I asked who wanted to join and Celeste was the only one to come with me. And we've been on the go ever since!

Its been some years since me and my roadie been able to get back across the pond. But (fingers crossed) we will be back over there next year spreading some American Black Girl Magic!! In the meantime though, Celeste and I are determined to get out and about and discover the world around us. So that means short road trips either in the state or out-of-state. So as you can see from the video above, we went over the bridge to New York one day. We ended our road trip the next day, by going to Philly...

As you can see all we do is laugh! Lol. We can't help ourselves...and just imagine that with ALL 6 OF US! Whew! Anywho, getting on the road is a great stress reliever. You get a chance to get away from the norm for a bit, whether its just a quick trip or a long one. Singing along to the radio or having deep conversations are just a few things to do in the car while on your way to your destination. Being able to eat good food and walk around once you get to where you're going are other aspects of the trip that just add to memories you build.

Celeste and I are big believers in traveling. It truly does your soul good. All work and no play just makes you depressed. It makes you think that life is just something to get through instead of actually live out. So we here at Queens of Success would like to encourage you to take some time out and hit the road with your roadies.

Ok Queens, are there places that you and your friends like to go to (we are always looking for more spots to hit)? Drop a line below and let us know the places we need to get to. Maybe one day we'll even meet you there!

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