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Back By Popular Demand!!

As they say...Let there be house music! Last night the Queens presented 'Back By Popular Demand-House Music All Night Long' with DJ Chill X (along with DJ Steve Davis, DJ Frankie Vibe, and MC Das Wiggins) at Il Portico Ristorante in Burlington, NJ. And the dance floor was packed!! The North came to the South last night and we couldn't have been more happy. So big ups to all of those who made that long trek down the Turnpike to come party with the Queens.

We can not express enough the joy we got from seeing everyone have such a good time. And of course...that good old house music!! The DJs kept folks on the floor and Ras kept the crowd hyped.

We look forward to future collaboration with DJ Chill X and his crew. We can't thank them enough, as well as those who attended, that made the night a success. Check out the good time we had...

#QOS #HouseMusic #DJChillX #Partytime #Queens #IlPortico #Burlington

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