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Marriage Retreat 2020 – Marriage is not a Fairytale!

We did it again! Took some time away with just a few couples and shut-in during the shut-in. It was AMAZING!! Baltimore was everything we needed and more – great food, great atmosphere near the water, great sites exploring downtown and times of intimate, transparent sharing between husbands and wives. We went deep, y’all!! But marriage calls for that. A surface marriage is not a healthy marriage. It’s not thriving and flourishing. We want what’s lasting and bears fruit:








We put all these things on the table and really dug deep and listened to one another’s hearts! It helps to have accountability partners that not only love one another, but love the people their accountable to and desire to see their marriage at its best. There were moments where we laughed so hard we cried and probably had a stomach ache afterwards and there were also moments where there was utter silence that called for a moment of comic relief. All of this was needful and wonderful! This is the only way we grow as men and women individually and as couples collectively. Overall, it was time very well spent rekindling the fire that marriage brings, sharing the depths of transparency that marriage provides and growing deeper as one which is the beauty of marriage. No, we didn’t get through our entire list. The first 2 things on the list are enough to have a whole weekend seminar catered around them. *Be on the look-out – something's brewing* ☺

We’re not sure what the coming year will bring in the midst of everything that’s going on in the world right now, but we’re all hoping to be a part of it as we continue to explore deeper depths and higher heights of one of the greatest ministries on earth.









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