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Chucks and Pearls!!!

What a historic day to be a part of!! A new era of leadership has been ushered in for our country, with President Biden and Madam Vice President Harris. It was also a day of firsts. Our first woman VP!! I don't know about you but I am so happy that the country can see that a woman is capable of doing this job. And that should inspire us all to push ahead and do those things that yesterday we may have thought impossible.

So, today the Queens had to join in the movement and rock our Chucks and pearls. No matter the race or creed we are all a part of a sisterhood. And a win for one is a win for ALL of us! The ceilings that we bust through today make it easier for the ones behind us to climb through tomorrow. Do you understand how heavy that is? How important that is? We each may be ordinary by the world's standards, but we are capable of doing the extraordinary! Do not let any "No" stop you. Do not let any "You can't because you're a woman" allow you give up. Just do what all the women before you have done that were told those, bat those pretty eyes, and tell them, "Watch me!".

We at QOS are staunch believers in the saying "Empowered women empower women". We must and we will do just that. We encourage you to unleash that creative spirit of yours. Do not hide nor run away from the call that has been placed upon you, Queen. You were made for this...for such a time as this. Believe in yourself, because we believe in you!

Yes, Queen, let your conversed feet steps be steady and sure. Allow those pearls to not only hang from your necks and ears, but also flow from lips that confidently speak truth and wisdom. The time is now ladies...the time is ours!

Be encouraged, Queens.

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