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Tamida Brockington:  Chief of Communications for Queens of Success.  

Tamida is a motivational speaker and certified life coach. Her aim is to teach, encourage, empower and nurture healthy Godly identity in women from all walks of life. She believes a woman's self-worth helps her to develop healthy and safe standards for her life and her relationships. 


"Women are not only intricately and emotionally created, but we are valuable in the sight of God. Understanding our value and extending that same respect to others is beneficial for us all. When my sister wins at life no matter how great or small, I win too. She is me and I am her".


Tamida prides herself on great care and concern for the sisterhood especially when it comes to those she knows and loves personally. Quality over quantity matters the most to her. Family and ministry has taught her that the bonds and servitude of sisterhood are to be cherished and honored. She gives incredible credit to her mother for showing her what love in the bonds of sisterhood- woman to woman - really looks and feels like.  


Tamida resides in Alexandria, VA with her devoted husband, Ron, and her two beautiful sons Micah and Elias. Her pastimes include sleep (rest does a body good), family time in NJ, discussing the Word of God, dancing, girl-time, writing and loving on her love-bugs.

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